Due to warmer temperatures, all Zones will include a $7.00 cooler box to keep products fresh & delicious!

Master Cheesemaker Curated Gift Box

Product image 1Master Cheesemaker Curated Gift Box
Product image 2Master Cheesemaker Curated Gift Box

Regular price $60.00

This is a hand selected box from our Master Cheesemaker will include approximately 3 to 4 lbs of cheese (at least one Wood River Creamery item), one Block and Cleaver meat, and 1 extra (crackers, nuts, olives, etc)

You get to pick how often a year you want this to arrive at your doorstep or someone else's doorstep.  Each time it is delivered there will be new items to discovery and new tastes to appreciate.  

Each order is for a one year subscription.  You choose 2x a year, 3x a year, 4x a year or 6x a year.  

Shipping cost ARE NOT ??included in the cost of this item and vary depending on where the item is shipping.  

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