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Cheddar Lover's Flight

Product image 1Cheddar Lover's Flight
Product image 2Cheddar Lover's Flight
Product image 3Cheddar Lover's Flight

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Cheddar is one of the most popular types of cheeses in the world and there are many different versions and ages of this cheese.  We have chosen three ages of our traditional cheddar cheese for this Cheddar Cheese Flight. 

The Medium Cheddar is nutty and firm.  It provides a firmness and crumble particular to the cheddar family but has only a moderate sharpness to it making it a favorite for any sandwich or favorite dish.  Cheddar becomes sharper with age.  Our Extra-Sharp Cheddar has a strong bite when compared to its younger counterpart.  The crystallization within indicates that it has been appropriately aged and is a curious texture.  Most lovers of extra sharp Cheddar prefer to eat it as an accompaniment to crackers or in a bite-size piece at the side of their salad or dinner plate.  The last piece in this flight is our Caveman Cheddar.  Sharp and creamy, this 14-year-old aged white Cheddar cheese is a true delicacy! Enjoy with your favorite full-bodied red wine and crackers.  Cheddar cheese can be either white or yellow. 

Our inventory currently is all yellow for this flight.  Flight includes 1 lb pieces of Medium and Extra Sharp and a 7oz. piece of Caveman Cheddar.

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